Error ORA-00600

21 de Septiembre del 2004
Alguien sabe a que se debe este error?, pls:

ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [17271], [instantiation space leak], [], [], [], [], [], []

21 de Septiembre del 2004
Seria conveniente que revisaras tu Alert de la base de datos, es muy probable que algún componente de la BD este corrupto, apoyate en tu DBA.



21 de Septiembre del 2004
ORA-600 [17271] "non-shareable obj found while deinstantiating shareable objects"
Content Type: TEXT/PLAIN
Creation Date: 24-DEC-1997
Last Revision Date: 05-JUL-2004

Note: For additional ORA-600 related information please read [NOTE:146580.1] PURPOSE: This article discusses the internal error "ORA-600 [17271]", what it means and possible actions. The information here is only applicable to the versions listed and is provided only for guidance. ERROR: ORA-600 [17271] [a] VERSIONS: versions 7.0 to 10.1 DESCRIPTION: The ORA-600[17271] error will NOT corrupt the database in any way and can be safely ignored. It is raised when Oracle tries to deinstantiate shareable objects (eg cursors) during logoff etc. At this point, Oracle traverses a linked list of shareable objects to deinstantiate, and finds one that has been marked as non-shareable. This should not happen and hence the error. ARGUMENT: Arg [a] "instantiation space leak" FUNCTIONALITY: Kernel Generic Instantiation manager IMPACT: PROCESS FAILURE NON CORRUPTIVE - No underlying data corruption. SUGGESTIONS: If the Known Issues section below does not help in terms of identifying a solution, please submit the trace files and alert.log to Oracle Support Services for further analysis. Known Issues: Bug# 2974471 See Note 2974471.8 ORA-603 / OERI[17271] on instance startup with SQL_TRACE=TRUE and CURSOR_SPACE_FOR_TIME=TRUE Fixed:, 10G Bug# 2411553 See Note 2411553.8 OERI:17271 from V7 XA client updating tables with SNAPSHOT on it Fixed:, 10G Bug# 2102253 See Note 2102253.8 OERI:17271 / ORA-604 / ORA-1843 from Informix gateway Fixed:, Bug# 515095 See Note 515095.8 OERI:17271 when DBMS_JOB.SUBMIT INTERVAL param is function Fixed:,, Historic information: Oracle Server Release 7.1 Reference [NOTE:31363.1] SNAPSHOT REFRESH GIVES ERROR ORA-600 [17271]