Looking for a PHP/MySQL/PHP-Nuke Programmer in Madrid

09 de Marzo del 2004
PHP/MySQL/PHP-Nuke Programmer

We're an Internet startup offering information and services for foreigners coming to live in Spain. For the further development of our website (www.justlanded.com), we’re looking for a programmer.

You will need the following knowledge for this position:
- PHP-Nuke
- Understanding of database design & SQL scripting capability
- Working knowledge of Apache

For the short term, we’re looking for someone on a project base which could then be transferred into a fulltime employment. This position offers an excellent opportunity for people who want to widen their knowledge in the IT management of a complex web project. You will also be able to improve your English by working in a multicultural environment.

If you’re interested in this position, please send us your CV and relevant examples of work to [email protected] or contact us directly through our website www.justlanded.com.