Configuracion del porgrama Pro_engineer

17 de Abril del 2002
para poder instalar el progrma pro_engineer tengo que seguir una serie de paso pero cuando llego a los modulos de java me atasco podiais echarme un cablePro ENGINEER 2000i2


1) Open proe.dat and edit 00-00-00-00-00-00 in each feature to your hostid.
2) Exe ProeKey.bat and a license.dat will be created for your machine.


1) Run setup and deselect license management and select the help files.
2) When prompted select ptc setup post config check box.
3) Select custom install and select each option one at a time (click on
cross to open the folder and select the options).
4) Do not install to the default path. Install to something
like this Ex: C:ptcproe2000i2.
5) Step through the rest until your prompted with the license Server.
Copy the license you created to C:ptc. Select add then chose the
node lock option and point the browser it to C:ptclicense.dat .
6) You"ll be prompted with a start command. Select the command and then hit edit.
Set the paths to the other software you have installed if needed.
Hit apply when done.
7) You can make a NC post command if you wish. Select add then from the pull
down menu select Ncpost and attach the lic to it with the pull down
menu below the one you just used.
8) Ptc configs the rest for you but you can change the defaults if you
wish. Refer to the help file.
9) Reboot.

Post Config:

1) Vericut: Open D:Ptcproe2000i2binproev.bat with a text editor and edit
the following 3 lines (about 1/2 way down). Line 1 and 2 should be set you license path.
Line 3 should be exactly as show:

if "%LM_LICENSE_FILE%" == "" set LM_LICENSE_FILE=C:Ptclicense.dat

2) You will need to Download JRE (1.1.7_b or higher, but less than 1.2)
and install the software for Expert machinist and Vericut. Install
the software and set the following evn paths:

path=;JRE_HOME/bin (path should be there already so just add the line with the ";")
CGTECH_JRE=C:Program FilesJavaSoftJRE1.1

Download site:

3) You will need to Download XML and install the software for Expert machinist.
Extract the file to you HD. Open the extracted folder and copy "xml.jar" to
C:Ptcproe2000i2appsmfgappsjavalib directory.

Download site:

4) Make a folder in C:user. Set the following env


4) Reboot and your done.