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28 de Junio del 2008
holass necesito ayuda con unos ejercicios de java: lo necesito pa hoy si pueden decir la rpta de cada uno y el porque de que es esa rpta xfissssssssssss

15. What is the most restrictive access modifier that can be applied to a member if that member must be accessible to members of a subclass within the same package as the superclass?





default access

16. Which can be overridden? (Choose one.)

native void methoda();

final void methoda() {}

void final methoda() {}

synchronized final void methoda() {}

17. Which declaration ensures that a class cannot be subclassed?

abstract class MyClass { }

final public class MyClass { }

final abstract class MyClass { }

static private class MyClass { }

static protected class MyClass { }

18. Which is true about the default constructors? (Choose one.)

The default constructor is always public

The default always invokes the no-arg superclass constructor

The default constructor inherits the arguments of the superclass constructor

The compiler creates a default constructor if the class does not have a no-arg constructor defined

19. Which modifier limits access to a method of a public class to members of the same class?





default access

20. Which of the following class level (nonlocal) variable declarations will not compile?

protected int a;

transient int b=3;

public static final int c;

volatile int d;

private syncronized int e;

21. Given:

1. public class Test {
2. public static void main(String [] args) {
3. System.out.println(args.length > 4 &&
4. args[4].equals("-d"));
5. }
6. }

If the program is invoked using the command line:
java Test One Two Three -d
What is the result?



compilation fails

An exception is thrown at runtime.

22. Given:

1. public class X {
2. private static int a;
3. public static void main(String [] args) {
4. modify(a);
5. System.out.println(a);
6. }
7. public static void modify(int a) {
8. a++;
9. }
10 }

What is the result?



Compilation fails

An exception is thrown at runtime.