Green Orange PHP Framework

25 de Septiembre del 2005
Green Orange is a community of developers who love PHP. We are currently developing an exciting project called Green Orange Framework.

GOF (Green Orange Framework) was born from an idea to use a browser as a development environment to build stand-alone applications for the web.

Web projects are built using PHP programming language incorporating a complete collection of classes, organized in levels and families (packages).

Green Orange allows you to code sites using OOP practices.

Further, Green Orange is the first PHP development environment that uses a graphic user interface (GUI) to easily and quickly build a site within your browser.

The framework and the whole visual development environment is licensed under GPL, therefore it completely free.

Our framework is your framework so we invite you to use it, spread it, expand it, and to report every possible bug to us, with the goal to improve and share it with the whole community when it is completed.

Come and join us...