pasar a rtf desde php

18 de Junio del 2004
hola a todos y gracias por anticipado, alguien sabe como crear un documento rtf desde un documento php??? es muy urgente y no lo necesito ya y solo hago que dar palos de ciego, gracias

18 de Junio del 2004
What do you think about:

RTFGen - a RTF generator class for PHP which is a very powerful tool to create complex RTF files from PHP on the fly. You control all aspects of the RTF document: pagination (orientation , numbering,size,etc), sections, paragraphs, all formatting stuffs (for paragraphs, pictures, tables), colors, styles, fonts, headers, footers, footnotes, endnotes, pictures, tables and more. Because of its flexibility, it could be used very well as document generation software within a document delivery application.

RTFGen Basic Edition free download at: