php y correo en flash

29 de Junio del 2005
Hola, tengo el siguiente script en php , que opr medio de flash, completo un campo para suscribirme a un sitio


// Enter your contact email address here
$adminaddress = "[email protected]";

// Enter the address of your website here include http://www.
$siteaddress ="";

// Enter your company name or site name here
$sitename = "Antonio Birabent";


No need to change anything below unless you want to add or subtract functions or change the wording of things sent back to the flash file ...


// Gets the date and time from your server
$date = date("m/d/Y H:i:s");

// Gets the IP Address
if ($REMOTE_ADDR == "") $ip = "no ip";
else $ip = getHostByAddr($REMOTE_ADDR);

//Process the form data!
// and send the information collected in the Flash form to Your nominated email address
if ($action != ""):
mail("$email","Suscripción al sitio",
"Un navegante ha solicitado suscribirse al boletín informativo
email: $email

Logged Info :
Hostname: $ip
IP address: $REMOTE_ADDR
Date/Time: $date","FROM:$adminaddress");

//This sends a confirmation to your visitor
mail("$email","Suscripción al boletín de Antonio Birabent",
Gracias por suscribirte a mi boletín informativo.
Pronto tendrás novedades


//Confirmation is sent back to the Flash form that the process is complete
$sendresult = "Thank you for applying. You will receive a confirmation email shortly.";
$send_answer = "answer=";
$send_answer .= rawurlencode($sendresult);
echo "$send_answer";



La pregunta es como hago para que el remitente del correo que recibo sea el correo del navegante y no mi mismo correo (adminadress)

Muchas gracias