17 de Mayo del 2006
Por favor, alguien sabe como incluir una nueva libreria en el classpath con netBeans

17 de Mayo del 2006
busca en la ayuda del netbeans!!! :-b!!!

Adding a Tag Library
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A tag library JAR file that is used by a web application must reside in the WEB-INF/lib folder or in the server's shared library folder. In order for the IDE to provide code completion for the tag library, the JAR file must be in the web project's class path. The easiest way to make the JAR file available to both the IDE and the server is to put the JAR file in the WEB-INF/lib folder as described below.
To add a tag library JAR file to a WAR file:
Right-click the project node and select Properties from the contextual menu.
Choose Compiling Sources and click Add Library.
If your tag library is available in the Add Library dialog box, select it. If it is not available, click Manage Libraries and create a new library entry for your tag library. Click Add Library.
If you want to add the tag library to the web application, leave the checkbox in the Add Library dialog box selected. If you only want to make your tag library available to code completion in the Source Editor, unselect your tag library's checkbox.
Click OK. If you selected the checkbox, the IDE adds the library to the WEB-INF/lib folder when you build the project.
(Optional) You can declare the tag library in your JSP files using the taglib directive. The code completion shows the tag library URI or the tag library JAR file (in the META-INF folder), providing that the JAR file is correctly added to the project's classpath.
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